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David Ridge Principal of Barker & Barker

David Ridge is the principal of Barker & Barker and one of Canberra's most experienced and respected Family Lawyers. He studied Law at the ANU and was admitted to practice in 1983.

David has had extensive experience in Family Law in which he has practised for more than 30 years. This experience ranges across property disputes and matters involving children's issues. David regularly appears to represent clients in the Courts. He also has a good record of achieving results involving out of court solutions.

In cases involving disputes about the arrangements for children, David has assisted many parents to find solutions that look to both the long term and immediate needs of the children. He understands the need to keep the focus on what is in the best interests of the children, but also understands that identifying what is best for children can be difficult in the context of relationship breakdown.

David is regularly called upon to act as the Independent Children's Lawyer when the Court requires a lawyer to act in that role. He is experienced in children's cases with complex and difficult issues, including cases involving children with disabilities, and children with mental health issues and other behavioural issues. David has significant experience in cases involving indigenous children.

In property matters David has experience in a wide range of matters, from cases where the only issue is a fair apportionment of superannuation between partners, to cases which involved large asset pools and complex financial structures, including assisting clients with property outside Australia.

In line with Barker & Barker's ethos of providing a comprehensive and personalised general legal practice, David also undertakes Estate work and the preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney.

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Barker & Barker will be happy to assist you with all your ACT & NSW conveyancing requirements. 

David Ridge has been undertaking conveyancing work since the mid 1980’s and is assisted by an experienced and friendly team who will help you through buying and selling your property. 

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